John Pack Art


Artist Statement

John Pack

The Caribbean and Florida beaches, along a river bank, the Charleston Harbor, by the side of the road, in the attic, at a favorite flea I find my inspiration: weather-eroded coral and shell fragments, minerals and stones, marbles, frosted sea glass, an oxidized coin, a piece of licorice-looking asphalt, a monogrammed silver spoon, vintage crystal and china, shipwrecked iron or perhaps a creamy, chocolate-colored fossil. To these willing objects I attempt to give new meaning, a second life. They make my sculptures possible, my ideas and passions a reality. Each sculpture may contain a hundred or more of these items resulting in a complex, subjective and sometimes surreal interpretation. 

"Incredible Inedibles"

Nationally published collage illustrator John Pack has taken his interpretive vision beyond the 2-dimensional with his mixed-media sculptures.  These creative, irreverent and whimsical food theme compositions, constructed primarily from found objects, will engage the senses and whet the imaginative appetite with the unexpected and enigmatic.